Axel Pilyser Photography



The old walls, when they are covered with stencils, tags, political or amorous declarations, do not escape the ravishing. They are repainted again, in a uniform way. Sometimes sublime frescoes will be “disappeared” and a new support of expression will be born. It is this ephemeral moment that I wanted to stretch, the moment when behind the inexorable progression of the new layer of paint a work greets us one last time. These photographs are digital paintings, a claimed mixture of documentary and fiction, where the works of famous artists rub shoulders with those of unknowns.

My goal in these connections, these superimpositions, is the creation of political, poetic, aesthetic visions. To hide a part to better stimulate the glance, the interrogation, the interpretation. To keep a trace of the work of talented drawers.

The titles, coming from the cities where a part of the work comes from, give the tone, but I am convinced that each one can detect a meaning which is clean to him in what is exposed.